Ulyas Bakery

Ulyas baked products are prepared and baked exclusively in clean conditions on the most modern kitchen equipment. All homemade baked goods from freshly purchased food ingredients.

In addition, we make our delicious products the way most of our customers prefer them. What it is? Why buy at Ulyas bakery when there are many baked goods around?


 1. All baked goods made with sugar-free ingredients, unless the customer prefers otherwise.

 2. Use only organic products, including organic nuts, eggs, coconut oil.

 3. Depending on the order, we use gluten-free flour, unless the client prefers otherwise.

 4. If for any reason you don't like our products, your money will be fully refunded.

 5. Our chef baker Ulviya Gasanova has ServSafe Michigan State Certificate

Orders are accepted via Whats App, facebook, by phone or instagram.

Payment can be made via Zelle , Apple pay or PayPal (emilgasan@hotmail.com)


Phone Number: (567-698-3617

Email: ulyasbakery@gmail.com

Instagram: ulyas_bakery

Facebook : Ulviya Gasanova


Phone: +15676983617

Opening hours: Hours: 10am to 10pm EST

Address: 364 Pinnacle dr, Lake Orion Michigan USA Whats app (567)698-3617 email address :ulyasbakery@gmail.com

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