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Mirenga rolled cake (one roll)$55.00
Traditional Azerbaijani sweet Iravan kata (per piece) $2.00
Cardamom-Walnut Cookies Mutaki (per piece)$1.50
Paklava Azerbaijanian traditional sweets (per piece)$3.00
Shekerbura (per piece)$3.00
Azerbaijanian traditional Karabakh keta (per cake)$20.00
Honey Cake (per cake)$100.00
Napoleon Cake (per cake)$100.00
Chicken Lavangi (whole chicken) $25.00
Fried pies with potatoes and meat (per piece)$2.00
Azerbaijani traditional cuisine Qutab with meat or greens (optional) (per piece)$2.00
Badambura (per piece)$3.00
Homemade Cottage Cheese (1kg)$15.00
Azerbaijani Dolma (per person)$14.00
Azerbaijani Halva (4 servings)$20
Cutlet (per piece)2.50

Phone: +15676983617

Opening hours: Hours: 10am to 10pm EST

Address: 364 Pinnacle dr, Lake Orion Michigan USA Whats app (567)698-3617 email address :ulyasbakery@gmail.com

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